Friday, August 5, 2011

"Lovebits" The very first...

Natascha again...yes oke I will continue to update this blog
regulary! :)

I am here to show you Maaike's very first and I really mean
first kit ever made and it's such a cutie!! It's called

Lovebits is a kit about love. Love you feel for your kids, other family
members, people you just can't do without. It is a very versatile kit,
which can be used for many moments you want to remember!

And you can find it HERE in her store at 9th and Bloom

Here are some gorgeous pages made by her creative team
and the creative lady's from 9th and Bloom, thank you so much
lady's for your work!!







Stay tuned as there will be much more!!
Have a wonderful day!!

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