Friday, August 5, 2011

Rain vs. Sun!!


As I told ya'll in the last post that I will show you an amazing
and gorgeous collab, well actually it's called a dualing collab
between 2 designers!! Something versus something and in this
case they choose the themes Rain and Sun as they are opposites
of eachother :)

For this collab Maaike teamed up with katherine aka
Flutter expressions and you can buy the two collabs
as a bundle, but also seperate! Just take a look at the
previews that the lady's made, you have to agree that
they turned out really amazing!!

"Caught in the rain vs. Sunshiny day"

"Caught in the Rain"

And some inspiration



"Sunshiny Day"

And some inspiration




I really hope you enjoyed looking at all these gorgeous
goodies that hit the store today as part of Maaike's big
opening at 9th and bloom!!

Thanks and happy shopping!
Have a wonderful day!

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